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Roman Catholic Media

Roman Catholic Media is the media arm of the Roman Catholic Institute, dedicated to preserving Pre-Vatican II Catholicism.

Apr 29, 2019

Aujourd’hui, peut-être plus encore qu’à toute autre époque, notre victoire qui a vaincu le monde, c’est notre foi. La fausse notion moderniste de la foi a détruit la foi chez des millions de gens. Soyons fiers de notre foi, c’est notre victoire.

Apr 28, 2019

Explains why Christ wished to keep his five wounds after the resurrection, and how these are a motive for hope and confidence in the divine mercy.

Apr 28, 2019

"This is the victory which overcometh the world, our faith." 

Today, in addition to Low Sunday, is commemorated in Australia the feast of St. Peter Aloysius Chanel, proto-martyr of Oceania.

Apr 26, 2019

La résurrection de Notre Seigneur est une victoire sur la mort, et un signe de la victoire sur le péché; comme la mort avait été un signe et une punition du péché.

Apr 23, 2019

The Chosen People of Old also sacrificed the Paschal Lamb, and went out of Egypt with great rejoicing, just as we celebrate today; but what did they do next?